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Bommarillu Final Confront Spoof (Video – Misc)

Posted by telugustation on March 29, 2007

Watch “Bommarillu” Final Confront Spoof Video
*ing – Sai, Ram, Ranjith
This video has been made purely for fun, not to hurt the girls who are pursuing their Masters. We apologize to those who are offended. Please leave your feedback in the comments section.
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Source: Murali


6 Responses to “Bommarillu Final Confront Spoof (Video – Misc)”

  1. Anonymous said

    I see no comments on this video, it is obvious that people didn’t like it. Just watching some movies like Bommarillu if you guyz got this idea, it is stupid…Come to reality.
    I think girls who have done master’s in USA they know more about life like how it is to be away from parents and how difficult it is to be independent as a student dealing with courses, roomates, work etc. I think they are polished and are not stingy. They may talk little harshly at times, this is purely because of the hardships what they went through.Who has time here to do bullshit things in USA. I am sure anyone living in US would agree. I think girls who marry and come on dependent visa will comprimise for anything to come to US, this is so cheap…
    Girls in India are far more faster than girls over here. All disgusting things happen in IT companies in India. all they see is $$$$. They obviously won’t open their mouth intially as they come dependent, but their hearts and thoughts are crap…
    I don’t know how to explain you guyz, as I am sure one of you guyz must have had bad experience with a girl who has done master’s, but you CANNOT GENERALIZE.

  2. Anonymous said


  3. Anonymous said

    Excellent guys. This is the truth of many desi guys around the world. I had a good time watching your clipping.

    Good Job guys. keep adding more and more funny concepts..


  4. Anonymous said

    LOOSER’S, LOOSER’S, LOOSER’S….. heheh:):)

  5. Anonymous said

    very good keep it up……ha hahaha

  6. Anonymous said

    This was a really funny video; the acting and the “script” were crisp 🙂

    Thoroughly ejoyed it!

    Apppreciate your creativity; and people should take it in good spirit; get some laughs and encourage these guys!

    Come on – if we can’t laugh at ourselves…

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