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Ta Ra Rum Pum (Movie – Hindi)

Posted by telugustation on May 1, 2007

Download & Watch “Ta Ra Rum Pum” Movie
*ing – Saif Ali Khan, Rani Mukherji
Quality – PDVD – Check Screenshots – 650MB
RapidShare Links:
CD1 – Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4
CD2 – Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4
“Plays with VLC Player – RAR File – Links Updated & Working”
** – After downloading, rename ext from .html to .rar and extract!


Version 2 – 600MB
SendSpace Links
CD1 – Download Here
OR CD1 Mirror From Here
CD2 –
Download Here
OR CD2 Mirror – From Here
Rapidshare, Sree, JSK Prasad


11 Responses to “Ta Ra Rum Pum (Movie – Hindi)”

  1. Anonymous said

    Rapidshare links for cd 1 not working

    senfile cd1 is corrupt , I cant not play it with vlc or mplayer or quicktime.

  2. Anonymous said

    play the file with vlc latest version.since it is a mp4 format.
    vlc 0.8.6 does the job.get it from google search

  3. Anonymous said

    Same here. Cannot play cd1 on any device. Even the Video Frame analyzer cannot read the frame header past a few seconds. Can you repost it again or should I go to the movie theater to watch it.

  4. Anonymous said

    Same here. Even the video frame analyzer can not decipher the frame pass a few seconds. Can you please repost it otherwise I have to go to the movie theater.

  5. Anonymous said

    rapidshire links not working and CD1 sendspace link is not working

  6. Anonymous said

    yes, cd1 isnt playing in any player..i guess it is wrongly encoded…cd2 is perfect though…pls redo the cd1 yar..also rapidshare links ain’t working

  7. Anonymous said

    the CD1 sendspace link is not working even with the lastest version of VLC player, only the scroll bar keeps moving there is no image.

  8. Anonymous said

    Boss the CD1 of version 2 is not downloading from sendspace. Trying from past one week but giving the error of too busy

    Pls upload it to some other site…. i am able to download the CD2 of version 2

  9. Anonymous said

    Even with VLC Media Palyer 0.8.6b, I can’t seem to play the CD1 file. The CD2 file is playing perfectly fine. Can you repost the corrected CD1 file again.


  10. TeluguStation said

    Use the latest version of VLC Player and it will work – It has worked!

  11. Anonymous said

    hello..sendspace link cd-1 is not playin.

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